Multiple WordPress Sites on one Server

Posted on March 17, 2012

Installing multiple WordPress site on any server is really pretty easy. Simply set up a what is called an “Add on Domain” in your control panel. By default a folder is created for each domain. You can simply install WordPress in each of these folders. This works fine for two or three domains, but you’ll soon run into the resource limit of most hosts. A lot of host have unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth, but they all have resource limits. This main resource limit that you’ll run into the file limit. There is a limit on the number of files they allow on any one account. WordPress contains thousands of files and themes also have thousand of file. It does not take to many installations to hit the file limit.

This is where WPSiteStack helps out. All our sites can use one installation for WordPress. All the WordPress file are shared. Plugins and Themes can be shared as well. In short you can easily have dozens of sites hosted on one installation of WordPress.