MultiSite Terms

In WordPress MU, the term “site” was used to refer to the overall WordPress MU installation, which included multiple “blogs”. When WordPress 3.0 is in Multisite mode, some people are using the terms “blog” and “site” interchangeably, and the WordPress team has stated that “site” is now the preferred term. And now the preferred term for the overall system is “network”, which is why WordPress now has a “Network Settings” page.  So instead of using the old terminology referring to a  “site” which contains multiple “blogs”, they would have us refer to a “network” which contains multiple “sites”.

Now that still begs the question “What is a site?”. The configuration allows you to address these “sites” within a “network” in two different ways. One as subdomains:

or as directories.

Now, this still does not address the more common desire, which is to create multiple domains using one installation of WordPress. For example you want to create sites for the following domain names:

And you want all of these domains to utilize the same installation of WordPress. We’re going to have to make up our own term for this. We will be referring to this option as a “Cluster” of domain addressable sites.

In a “cluster” each site appears to be on it’s own, unrelated to the underlying site (or the first domain to utilize the installation of WordPress).