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Create as many WordPress sites as you'd like
with one installation.

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  • WPSiteStack Overview



    This is a short video to give you a quick overview of WPSiteStack. Once WPSiteStack is setup it’s quick and easy to create new sites that use your existing installation of WordPress.

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  • Manage Mutiple Sites With Ease – Just Stack em up

    sitesIf you’ve tried to keep track of multiple WordPress sites then you know how tough it can be just to keep everything up to date. You’ve thought about using WordPress mu, but found that you can’t installed it on most hosting accounts and it’s not really what you want anyway.

    We have the perfect solution. One installation lets you create as many sites as you want even on a cheap shared hosting account.

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  • Install Special

    FTPMetal256x256For a limited time we will be selecting  a few customers to beta our product and we will offer installation and training for these customers. Please contact us if you’d like to be considered for this program.

    Just send us your information and let us know about your requirements and hosting environment.

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  • Who Uses WPSiteStack?



    Who offer WordPress sites.

    Blogging Networks

    Networks with several sites.


    Any business  with serveral WordPress  sites.